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Betsy Malone Mysteries

It’s 1924 in Los Angeles, California.

Elizabeth Malone, known to her friends as Betsy, is everything a flapper is not.  She has long brown hair, wears sensible dresses, and doesn’t run around to speakeasys. Even if she wanted to- which she doesn’t- she doesn’t have time, because she works as a photographer for a private investigator to support herself. It’s not an ideal job, but she’s got a steady hand with a camera, and an eye for inconspicuous hiding places. Intelligent, insightful, and incredibly practical, Betsy exposes secrets while keeping a tight lid on her own past.

Angela Bentley, Betsy’s best friend, on the other hand, is the very picture of a “bright young thing”. Blond, bobbed, and bubbly, Angela is fiercely loyal to her husband Dexter and to Betsy. Quick with a laugh or to call someone “darling”, Angela is always up for a good time.

Betsy’s first adventure, Mystery’s End, finds her invited a house party at the mansion Angela has just inherited. Betsy expects things to be a little strange, after all, the owner of the manor was an eccentric who installed glass panes instead of walls, doors that open onto mirrors, and a koi pond in the house. And Angela has already warned her that there will be forays into the spirit world with table tipping and planchette writing. Everything is fun and games until unexplainable things start to happen, and a guest is found dead. The police call it a heart attack. Angela hopes it was a ghost.  Betsy suspects it was murder.  Now it’s up to Betsy to figure out what happened before everyone leaves- taking their secrets with them-or someone else dies.

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